🇺🇸 The United States has officially announced that the standard blood pressure is 150/90 over 65 years old, and 160 or even 170 for normal elderly over 80 years old.
2020/10/27 CCIT EE 👏 twice
Over the years, we have all been greatly affected by the "old standard" (not more than 120) that focused on medical business interests in the past, which has caused a great unnecessary psychological burden of hypertension on the elderly over 60 or 70!
From now on, it is time to correct the wrong ideas taught by doctors. Please see the following report.

〖Please refer to sharing blood pressure〗:
Subvert our understanding of normal blood pressure! What should be the normal blood pressure for various ages?
Normal systolic blood pressure = Wu's calculated systolic blood pressure = (82+age)
Example: 75 years old = 82 + 75 = 157
【in conclusion】
Normal systolic blood pressure: male = 82 + age, female = 80 + age,
Health (normal) index: measured systolic blood pressure = normal systolic blood pressure.
Dr. Guo Mingxiong (Zong Qi) 102, Dean of the Third Hospital of Beijing Medical College, told that people over 70 years of age cannot have high blood pressure lower than 130, otherwise they are prone to postural hypotension and fainting. Hypertension between 150 and 130 is safer, and it is better to be higher. , Don't be low.

The same is true for blood sugar. The standards should be relaxed appropriately with the increase of age. The fasting blood sugar of diabetic patients over 60 years old should be controlled at around 6.5, those over 70 years old should be controlled around 7.5, and most of the time over 80 years old should not exceed 8.0, occasionally around 8.5. The harm of hypoglycemia is even more terrible. 😱Wish every family has a healthy person!

There are "anti-intestinal cancer" substances in rice!
Do you eat rice? Eat it while it's hot? Better to let it cool?
I used to make rice, but I was always afraid of the cold, so I asked my family to eat it while it was hot.

wrong! There is a substance in rice that can fight bowel cancer, called resistant starch; cooked rice will only produce more resistant starch when it is cooled.

Therefore, after the rice is cooked, open the lid and use a spoon to loosen the rice to let the rice dissipate heat. When the rice reaches a mild temperature, eat it again, and resistant starch will be produced. This kind of rice, because there are more resistant starches, it is not easy to convert the resistant starches into sugars, which is good for weight loss and easier to control blood sugar. It is also very good for preventing bowel cancer.

*Hurry up and change the old concept of eating!
Starting today, let’s change our old habit of eating while it’s hot! This reminds me that eating sushi is also good. No wonder the Japanese live a long life. Not only do they eat a lot of sea fish, but it is also scientific to eat rice. It's rice balls, sushi and cold cakes.

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2020/10/27 CCIT EE 👏二次

例:75歲= 82 + 75 = 157
正常收縮壓:男性= 82 +年齡,女性= 80 +年齡,






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網傳「美國已正式規定:65歲以上標準血壓150/90...70歲以上的人高血壓不能低於130,否則極易產生體位低血壓暈倒」,經查: 一、網傳「美國已正式規定」之血壓標準已過時,目前採取的最新版標準為美國心臟學院和美國心臟學會2017年版的高血壓治療指引JNC8。 二、網傳「吳氏計算法」並無科學根據。 三、每個人對血壓的承受度不同,收縮壓低於130毫米汞柱,不一定會產生姿勢性低血壓而暈倒。



網傳「吃冷的米飯能吃進抗性澱粉,有助於抗腸癌」,經查: 一、冷米飯有抗性澱粉,升糖指數(GI)值比熱米飯低,但要留意吃過量冷米飯對血糖控制並無太大幫助。 二、冷米飯的抗性澱粉,停留在大腸期間發酵產生「短鏈脂肪酸」,短鏈脂肪酸有助大腸細胞健康,但腸癌有多重成因,吃冷飯不一定能預防腸癌。 三、專家建議,吃冷飯並非東方人的飲食習慣,若要攝取抗性澱粉,可改以糙米飯等其他食物代替。 因此,此傳言為部


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