Mr. Chu, does TikTok access the home Wi-Fi network?
Only if the user turns on the Wi-Fi. I﹑m sorry, I may not understand the﹑
So if I have TikTok app on my phone and my phone is on my home Wi-Fi network, does TikTok access that network?
It will have to access the network to get connections to the Internet, if that﹑s the question.
Is it possible then that it could access other devices on that home Wi-Fi network?
Congressman, we do not do anything that is beyond any industry norms.
It has spiked and spied on American citizens.
I don﹑t think that spying is the right way to describe it.
The only face data that you will get that we collect is when you use the filters to have sunglasses on your face.
We need to know where your eyes are.
Why do you need to know what the eyes are if you﹑re not seeing if they﹑re dilated?
American data stored on American soil by an American company overseen by American personnel.
We call this initiative Project Texas.
Please rename your project.
Texas is not the appropriate name.
We stand for freedom and transparency, and we don﹑t want your project.
You damn well know that you cannot protect the data and security of this committee or the 150 million users of your app, because it is an extension of the CCP.
From the data it collects to the content it controls, TikTok is a grave threat of foreign influence in American life.
It hurts me to hear questions this dumb and self-serving.
Watching these congressional leaders, people we elected to represent us, are you kidding?
At least people can see how stupid the people who run our country are.
At least people can see forever positions, these no-term limits, what a problem it is to have these people get elected over and over again, never having heard their thoughts before, never having seen how stupid.
And misaligned they are, how out of touch with the American people they are, and all they care about is their own power.
If you listen to these members of Congress speak, you would think that they were rulers, emperors.
Congress is full of queens and kings and mob bosses.
These are the people that run our country, the people who are in charge of our future.
They are so incredibly stupid, like so dumb.
I, I, a guy literally asked if TikTok connects to the WiFi.
How did we get here? You'd think they'd accidentally land on a point.
And I give credit to the CEO, honestly, he weathered the storm.
He was the only one who knew what the fuck they were talking about.
These old, out of touch motherfuckers, they were bond paid for by Mark Zuckerberg.
And it's just so obvious that they've never once used the app.
I'm embarrassed for our country, I really am.
We must be the fucking laughingstock of the world right now.
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- TikTok執行長周受資2003年3月在美國聯邦眾議院聽證會中宣稱:「美國用戶的資料一直都儲存在維吉尼亞州和新加坡。」

但Forbes富比世調查發現,周受資並未說實話。事實上TikTok將美國及歐洲大咖網紅的財務資料儲存在中國伺服器,包括創作者及外部供應商的稅務識別碼、社會安全碼及其他個人資料;且針對兩者的付款均是透過TikTok北京母公司字節跳動的工具進行管理。(資料:RFA 2023/3/1、中央社 2023/6/22)

- 在沒有經過使用者同意下,擁有存取手機內其他資料的權限,我們稱這種App為「流氓軟體」,TikTok確實可以複製用戶在手機裡使用其他APP時剪貼的文字資訊並上傳到線上伺服器,其頻率遠超一般軟體。如此一來,如果手機內含有私密或機密資訊,不管是個資還是金融密碼都有可能外洩。雖然Tiktok抖音聲稱已經更新軟體,可能解決了舊的問題,但若下一個版本有新的問題,一般使用者無法檢查,也很難得知。(資料:SMC)


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中央社 2023/6/22





富比世:TikTok證實部分美國創作者敏感資料存在中國 | 國際 | 中央社 CNA






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