Mr. Borla can I ask you when did you know that the vaccines didn't stop transmission?
How long did you know that without saying it publicly? Thank you very much. I'm sorry that
question. I mean we we now know that the vaccines didn't stop transmission but why did you keep it
secret? You said it was 100% effective then 90% then 80% then 70% but we now know that the vaccines
do not trans stop transmission. Why did you keep that secret? Have a nice day. I won't have a nice
day until I know the answer. Why did you keep it a secret that your vaccine did not stop transmission?
Is it time to apologize to the world sir to give refunds back to the countries that
poured all their money into your vaccine that doesn't work your ineffective vaccine?
Yeah you have a little bit around it. Are you not ashamed of what you've done in the last couple
years? Do you have any apologies to the public sir? Are you proud of it? You've made millions on
the backs of people's entire livelihoods. How does that feel to walk the streets as a millionaire
on the backs of the regular person at home in Australia, in England, in Canada?
What do you think about on your yacht sir? What do you think about on your private jet?
Are you worried about product liability? Are you worried about myocarditis?
What do you have to say about young men dropping dead of heart attacks every day?
Why won't you answer these basic questions? No apologies sir. Do you think you should be
charged criminally for for some of the criminal behavior you've obviously been a part of?
How much money have you personally made off the vaccine? How many boosters do you think it'll take
for you to be happy enough with your earnings? Nothing? Who did you meet with here in secret?
Will you disclose who you met with? Who did you pay commissions to? In the past Pfizer has paid
2.3 billion dollars in fines for deceptive marketing. Have you engaged in that same
conduct again? Are you under investigation like you were before for your deceptive marketing sir?
If any other product in the world doesn't work as promised you get a refund. Should you not refund
to countries that laid out billions for your ineffective vaccine? Are you used to only
sympathetic media so you don't know how to answer any questions? Is that it?
Very smart come on upstairs. Shame on you sir. Shame on you.
That's Albert Buller the boss of Pfizer.
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1. 此段影片,來自加拿大極右翼媒體Rebel News,於達沃斯論壇「場外」,向輝瑞執行長Albert Bourla的採訪片段。

2. 輝瑞疫苗在上市前,確實並未研究其是否能「阻止病毒傳播」,但並非如記者所言:「疫苗不能阻止傳染」。

(1)疫苗臨床測試的用意,本來就只在於確認預防疾病與重症的功效,而非「阻止傳播」,埃默里大學疫苗中心副主任Walter Orenstein博士表示,「傳播」是複雜的衡量指標,輝瑞在臨床試驗期間沒有研究疫苗對傳播的影響並非特例。


(3) 費城兒童醫院疫苗教育中心主任Paul Offit指出:「當你接種疫苗,將明顯降低你被感染的機率,因此也會降低你將其傳播給他人的機會」,雖不能保證消除所有的傳播,但疫苗上市後的研究確實發現,輝瑞疫苗有助於減少alpha和delta變種的傳播。

3. 依照目前的國際監測數據,疫苗能有效降低重症與死亡率,非如記者所言「無效」。


Pfizer CEO’s Davos Appearance Spark Conspiracies And Fake News – Here’s Why


英國衛生安全局(UKHSA):Monitoring reports of the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccination

politifact: Pfizer executive “admits” vaccine was never tested for preventing transmission.


【報告將隨時更新 2022/6/21版】 一、網傳影片是社群平台在2022年間發布;影片中出現主講者是加拿大醫師霍奇金森(​​Roger Hodkinson),他曾發表反疫苗的錯誤訊息。 二、學者依據全球數據表示,新冠疫苗可降低重症與死亡風險,並非傳言影片所稱「沒有作用」。 三、專家表示,疫苗接種後死亡可能有很多因素,與疫苗接種為時序相關,但未必有因果關係。施打疫苗後出現的各種症狀、任何影響健康的


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