United Nations
405 East 42nd Street
New York.
Head of Vacation Department,
United Nations Supervision Mission
Bamako Military Base, Mali.

Hello, Shih Chih Ying. We received your vacation application for your spouse; Dr. James Biggs with SSN number: 722-00-1426. Dr James is a very good medical practitioner and personnel in Mali for peacekeeping missions and helping to stop/eradicate the war issues here, he hasn't gone for vacation not once since his redeployment here so we won't deprive him of that right.
As regarding the United Nations law, you are eligible for application/processing of his vacation certificate and travel arrangements. A vacation certificate will be issued to him and all travel arrangements will be taken care of by the United Nations after you must have paid the required fees.

We have three(3) vacation plans:
1 month vacation: 1,150 dollars(one thousand one hundred and fifty dollars). Can be estimated to 35,283.96 New Taiwan dollar(TWD).
2 months vacation: 2,200 dollars(two thousand two hundred dollars). Can be estimated to 67,499.74 New Taiwan dollar(TWD).
3 months vacation: 3,100 dollars(three thousand one hundred dollars). Can be estimated to 95,113.27 New Taiwan dollar(TWD).

Please choose a vacation plan above so we can provide local taiwanese account details for payment and travel arrangements for your spouse; Dr. James.
N/B You are to start processing travel arrangements at least one month to the vacation to enable us sort out visa and travel plans on time.

Kind regards,

Nick Darwin.

Head of Vacations Dept.

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