Dear Mr: Yung-Chih Liu
I am writing this letter to officially inform you that your fiancee emergency vacation application has been approved on 19 October 2022. I understand how it feels to go on a vacation with your fiancee. By doing so, you are making her feel special in your life.

We are happy to fulfill your emergency vacation request. We requested a new Doctor to replace Doctor Jia Henry Bernd. You know it would be very difficult to request a new Doctor to replace Doctor Jia Henry. We will ensure that Doctor Jia Henry Bernd reaches Taiwan safely
I appreciate that your fiancee will hand over her responsibilities to the new Doctor.
We choose an Australian Doctor to replace Doctor Jia Henry Bernd. A payment must be made for replacement. total cost of ($850) dollars. when you are ready for the payment, you should request for a payment details

I wish you all the best on your vacation and hope that you have a good time with your fiancee.
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