OSLO base address is 350, 5th Avenue New York, New York,
Jamila Raqib, Executive from Albert Einstein Institution, teaching HONG KONG thus attacking police officers.
You could watch the video the CIA instructed Hong Kong people striking back to the police.
Rioter training and the leader behind the scene

When everyone is thinking, why is the situation in Hong Kong today going to be like this? Why are the student protesters getting more and more aggressive? And more organized? I am revealing for you today. After reading, you will understand all the truth:-

We started with the two years before the 2014 Umbrella Movement. It turned out that they went abroad in 2012 to participate in a professional demonstration training program called OSLO Freedon Forum. After returning to Hong Kong, they carefully planned the Umbrella Color Revolution in 2014 general election.

According to the BBC to send people to understand the organization, they found that this Oslo was originally a terrorist organization training demonstrators to anti-government elements around the world.

This organization, which is famous for its forums, is actually providing professional courses to teach people to carry out anti-government revolutions around the world in the name of human rights. The BBC describes OSLO training, all anti-government activists around the world will teach students how to plan and organize in order to rebel and subvert the government. In an OSLO training in 2012, a very active general lecturer, Yang Jianli , a Chinese immigrant in the US, and have become the general training and special operations commander of Oslo in Hong Kong and China. It is also specially appointed by OSLO to organize demonstrations for demonstrators and how to deploy tens of thousands of demonstrators to the front line.
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Demonstrations or training terrorists are nonsense. Oslo Freedom Forum, was established under the Government of Norway, supported by the New York-based Human Rights Foundation of the United States in 2009, held annually in the host city of the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Oslo Freedom Forum and talk about people, including countries former president and Nobel laureate, prisoners of conscience and other public figures, mainly by the forum to communicate and exchange on human rights persecution, how technology and other means to enhance human rights and expose dictatorship.



奧斯陸自由論壇9月再登台北 何韻詩、資訊戰專家開講 | 台灣英文新聞

今年論壇聚焦於資訊戰影響民主選舉、網路科技安全,以及變性人權議題 奧斯陸自由論壇(照片來源:資料照片/主辦單位提供)


奧斯陸論壇將再來台舉行 脫北者資訊戰專家開講 | 政治 | 中央社 CNA

(中央社記者侯姿瑩台北6日電)奧斯陸自由論壇(Oslo Freedom Forum) 去年首度移師亞洲,今年9月將2度來台舉辦,預計有脫北者、資訊戰專家等開講。主辦單位說,連續2年在台舉行論壇很重要,民主、自由與人權仍是區域內的重要議題。由位於紐約的人權基金會(Human Rights Foundation)主辦的奧斯陸自由論壇去年首度移師亞洲,選在台灣舉行活動;今年將2度在台灣舉辦論壇,預計9月


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