Philippine President Duterte's excellent comments on the US "pertinence" and "point": 👍👍👍
* When you choose the United States, you have chosen war. If you choose China, you choose peace.
* The United States is only the only important commodity sold to the Philippines, which is "arms." The price is very expensive but it is a rotten thing that others have thrown away.
* China exports all kinds of shushu, infrastructure, and colorful goods. Only stupid people and unqualified people cannot see them.
* The United States likes to create hatred, turmoil, war, deceptive investments, and then take a lot of wealth back to the United States. Creating hatred will enable everyone to buy more arms from the United States.
* The United States is the most evil country in the world. He wants to establish the U.S. dollar as the only international mobile currency, so that Americans can enjoy it.
* In order to continuously recoup the US dollar in the market, the United States needs to continuously create turmoil and conflict, and it can take the opportunity to sell a large number of weapons.
* The United States fought a total of 222 wars in 239 years in history. Their hands were stained with the blood of countless innocent people.
* Americans like to promote their democracy and human rights everywhere. In fact, it is in a truly evil country of humanity, human rights and anti-democracy. I really don't know how many people their missiles have killed in the world. It is a veritable "cannibal country".
* So far, everyone knows clearly why the United States cannot coexist with China.
* The United States keeps singing about peace and building, all of which are deceiving things.
* China is a country that truly builds a "fate community." An organization that makes good use of increasing national strength to apply scientific, technological, military, and economic strength to maintain world peace. Of course, this will also make the United States angry.
* The world is peace. Why does the United States make the world so chaotic. China only hopes to develop into a powerful country in science and technology, which will definitely make the United States unhappy.
* So in the future Sino-U.S. Struggle, China's path is mutual benefit and win-win, or Americans like to walk their own path.
* I firmly believe that China is absolutely capable of building human justice and conscience. Create high-tech and high-end products to contribute to the true "community of human destiny".
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