The first reported injury of 5G in a news report comes from Switzerland,where 5G has been launched in 102 locations. The weekly French-language Swiss magazine L'Illustré interviewed people living in Geneva after the 5G rollout with alarming details of illness.In their article,With 5G,We Feel Like Guinea Pigs,posted July 18,2019,they report neighbors met to discuss their many common symptoms and many unanswered questions.



5G:Its Legal but Not Safe


As soon as the antennas were installed,several residents and entire families in the heart of Geneva reported similar unusual symptoms of loud ringing in the ear,intense headaches,unbearable earaches,insomnia,chest pain,fatigue and not feeling well in the house.29-year-old Geneva resident,Johan Perruchoud,called up Swisscom and was told that indeed the 5G cell towers were activated on the same day he began to feel the symptoms.When others called Swisscom they were told everything is legal and within guidelines.

天線一安裝,日内瓦市中心的幾個居民和整個家庭都報告了類似的不同尋常的症狀:耳鳴、劇烈頭痛、難以忍受的耳痛、失眠、胸痛、疲勞以及在房子裏感覺不舒服。29歲的日内瓦居民Johan Perruchoud給瑞士斯科姆公司打了電話,被告知5G手機發射塔确實在他開始感覺到這些症狀的同一天被激活。當其他人打電話給瑞士石油公司時,他們被告知一切都是合法的,都在指導方針的範圍内。

Swiss Physician Denounces 5G and Calls for a 5G Moratorium


Dr.Bertrand Buchs,who has also called for a 5G moratorium,states he has seen more and more patients with similar symptoms.He notes,"In this case,our authorities are going against common sense…we risk experiencing a catastrophe in a few years…no serious study exists yet,which is not surprising when we know that this technology was developed in China,then to the United States.In Switzerland,we could open a line for people who feel bad,listen to these complaints and examine them.Our country has the means and the skills.The debate must be launched because the story is not about to end."


Swisscom:Millions of Fast Connections


Swisscom states,"5G will create new opportunities for residential customers and businesses across Switzerland.5G is the new mobile communication standard for digitisation,enabling the extremely fast connection of millions of devices,things and people."Will those millions of fast connection enable communication,or instead disable people from communicating due to illness?


Dear Diary:Loud Humming,Lots of Pain,Nausea,No Sleep


These stories parallel that of Anne Mills,author of"All EMF'd Up",who suffered wireless radiation poisoning in Germany when her husband was stationed there for work.She wrote a diary with identical symptoms of those in Geneva.As noted in the Swiss magazine L'Illustré article,her concerns,like those in Geneva,were dismissed.She consulted with German physician,Dr Horst Eger,to confirm her symptoms were that of microwave illness seen in military radar personnel and those working on microwave towers.All EMFd Up(Electromagnetic Fields):My Journey Through Wireless Radiation Poisoning and How You Can Protect Yourself.(2019)Anne Mills"Mystery Illness"In Cuban and Chinese Diplomats is Microwave Poisoning


The New York Times and CBS reported unexplained symptoms in diplomats living in China and Cuba in 2017 and 2018.The source was found to be microwave radiation.UC San Diego Professor of Medicine,Dr.Beatrice Golomb,published an article in Neural Computation in September 2018,discussing the symptoms of the diplomats living abroad.The symptoms that diplomats and their families experienced,i.e.sleep problems,headaches,strange auditory sounds,anxiety and dizziness were similar to those with microwave illness reported in military studies from pulsed microwave radiation.See Cuban Diplomats Likely Hit by Microwave Weapons.


Many Others Suffer Microwave Illness/Electrosensitivity


It is reported that 3%to 30%of the population have symptoms similar to Microwave illness or electrosensitivity,depending on the country and if mild to severe symptoms are reported.


Dr.Scott Eberle describes how a physician learned about his own electrosensitivity published originally in 2014 in the Sonoma Medicine and later reprinted in the Santa Clara County/Monterey County Medical Association Bulletin.You can read Dr.Scott Eberle's What's the Diagnosis,Doctor?He has also written"An Underworld Journey:Learning to Cope with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity."Dr.Scott Eberle.Ecopyschology.9(2):106-111,June 2017.https://www.researchgate.net/publication/317923126_An_Underworld_Journey_Learning_to_Cope_with_Electromagnetic_Hypersensitivity


Writer Alison Main has documented her experience in developing electrosensitivity and her frustration at being more isolated from other people and wireless technology she would like to use.Electro-Sensitivity:When the Modern World Hurts


【新】【瑞士第一例5G的损伤报告】 @ 如是說999 :: 痞客邦 ::

2019-08-04 摘要 天线一安装,日内瓦市中心的几个居民和整个家庭都报告了类似的不同寻常的症状 : 耳鸣、剧烈头痛、难以忍受的耳痛、失眠、胸痛、疲劳以及在房子里感觉不舒服。 The first reported injury of 5G in a news report comes from Switzerland,where 5G has been lau

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用 5G 手機會致癌?別傻了

無線訊號、手機輻射是否會危害我們的身體健康,是一個幾乎被說爛的話題。5G、乃至智慧手機輻射到底對人體有沒有危害?又是否會致癌?直到今天也還沒有人能給出一個讓所有人都信服的解釋。 20 年前,就有人說無線網路對人體有危害 在過去幾年裡,已經有不少研究小組、知名專家給出各種報告,稱智慧手機的射頻輻射並不會影響身體健康,但持反對觀點的也大有人在,並且可以推移到差不多 20 年前。 近期《紐約時報》報導表


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