May 25, 2021

Dear Editor,

Re: Ivermectin endorsement

Wih reference to the letter published in Malaysiakini (Malaysiakini - LETTER | Use of Ivermectin against Covid-19: Reply to Health DG) by our 10 esteemed colleagues. MAAFIM and its members supported by many other doctors in Malaysia would like to establish that Ivermectin has been in use in many countries with good results in the treatment of COVID-19, especially in prophylaxis. Ivermectin is a medication that is included in the Malaysian drug formulary as an antihelminthic ( and yet there is resistance to allow the drug for use for its intended purpose or for emergency use for COVID-19 disease.

There is an abundance of research to show its safety, as the drug has been in use for decades. And now many countries or states are adopting Ivermectin despite the advice of world bodies simply because people’s lives matter more. MAAFIM has perused the published data, and additionally kept in close communication with many doctors around the world who have used Ivermectin in the management of COVID-19. The informal feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Hence, there is sufficient evidence to add Ivermectin to the arsenal against Covid-19 disease. If there is a drug that can be used to avoid the COVID-19 disease prophylactically or improve the outcome in treatment with minimal side-effects, and it is cheap to obtain and distribute, then it behoves the appropriate governments including the Malaysian government to expeditiously implement a drug that can thwart the negative outcome of the current pandemic.

Ongoing clinical studies can be done for pharmaceutical approval but in the meantime Ivermectin can be released as under “Emergency Use Authorization”, since there is sufficient data coming from other nations and it could be lifesaving or reduce the morbidity of Covid-19 disease for the Malaysian rakyat.

Malaysian Association for the Advancement of Functional and Interdisciplinary Medicine (MAAFIM)

Signed by 136 doctors from MAAFIM and other concerned doctors.

Dr A.Rani a/p A.Arokiasamy
Dr Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Hamid
Dr Abdul Majid Abdullah
Dr Abdul Rasid mohamed Ali
Dr Abdul Wahab Khalid Osman
Dr Abiram A/L T S Ramalingam
Dr Adlina Suleiman
Dr Ahmad Azuwar bin Mohd Adib
Dr Ahmad Hassan Bin Masduki
Dr Ahmad Khalis bin Mohamed Munawar
Dr Aina Othman
Dr Ameen Shaik Bin Sehu Mohamed
Dr Aminah Kassim
Dr Amir Shahmi Bin Md Ali
Dr Anura Gnanasothi Kandasamy
Dr Arifah
Dr Ashok Kumar Vikyomal
Dr Aziz Alsafi
Dr Azlina Ishak
Dr Badrulleasham Ismail
Dr Balachandran A/L sKrishnan
Dr Balasundram Palany
Dr Balbinder Singh
Dr Baljit Singh
Dr Balkis Hanoom
Dr Balwant Singh a/l Partap Singh
Dr Benjamin George
Dr Chia Hong Soong
Dr Chuah Teong Chye
Dr Dalina Abdul Majid
Dr Denesh Sinnathamby
Dr Durairajoo Govindarajoo
Dr Edwin Chang Yoke Poi
Dr Elina binti Mohtar Rasali
Dr Emilia Kasturi
Dr Erman Syah Abdul Hamid
Dr Faizal Bin Rashid
Dr Farhat Afroze binti Ayaz Ahmad
Dr Fatma Hidayati Bt Zakaria
Dr Fauzanah Binti Ishak
Dr Fouziah Hamzah
Dr Gurdial Singh
Dr Gurdial Singh
Dr Hanif Zuhdi Bin Mahmud Pathi
Dr Haridas a/l Narayanan Sreedharan
Dr Hisham Harun
Dr Husna Binti Hashim
Dr Jasveer Kaur Sidhu
Dr Jeyaseelan Nachiappan
Dr Joann Wen Law
Dr Kamesah binti Omar
Dr Kenny Yong YeanSirn
Dr Khor Ying kim
Dr Krishen kumar Devaser
Dr Kuan Tuck Wah
Dr L Ganesh Loganathan
Dr Lee Cheng Lok
Dr Lee Yoke Kwan
Dr Lily Abu Bakar
Dr Lim Ching Chiet
Dr Lim Wu Yee
Dr Loriot Kenson
Dr M A Salaam Jemain
Dr Mahathir bin Mohamed
Dr Maizurah Omar
Dr Majezan Yaacob
Dr Marisa Amilia binti Ismail
Dr Misnah Binti Ponamin
Dr Mohamad Haniki Nik Mohamed
Dr Mohamed Farook bin Raj Mohamed
Dr Mohd Anuar Osman
Dr Mohd Arbaai Shawal
Dr Mohd Jamil Hamid
Dr Mohd Saifulhaziq Noorman
Dr Mohd Zahlulazham Bin Adam
Dr Molly Cheah
Dr Mustafa Ali mohd
Dr Nadzri Mokhtar
Dr Narjit Singh
Dr Navdeep Kaur
Dr Nicholas Lim Jeng Cherng
Dr Nila Ratna Binti Suien
Dr Noordin Darus
Dr Nor Aisham B Mohd Nor
Dr Nor Amalina Ismail
Dr Norasiah binti Mohd Mansor
Dr Norhaslinda
Dr Norizah Amiruldin
Dr Nurhayati Mokhtar
Dr Nurulhuda Mohammed Zabidi
Dr Paramjit Kaur
Dr Paul vijayaratnam stephens
Dr Perminder Kaur Dhillon
Dr Peter Chan Teck Hock
Dr Prem Kumar Gopakumaran Nair
Dr Pushpa Devi
Dr Radha Krishna
Dr Rajasvari
Dr Ramanathan a/l Annamslai Chettiar
Dr Redzuan Abdullah
Dr Revin
Dr Richard Chai
Dr Roland Victor
Dr Rosmawati Mohamed
Dr Rosnah
Dr Rozimah Binti Osman
Dr Salim Ismail
Dr Sani Ashari
Dr Sanjeev
Dr Selva Kumar S
Dr Selva Kumaran
Dr Selvam Rengasamy
Dr Selvarani M.Shelladurai
Dr Sendhil Kumar
Dr Sevellaraja Supermaniam
Dr Shah Reza
Dr Shahrol Khairudzi Bin Abdul Rahim
Dr Shaiful Hazmeer bin Jakariah
Dr Sharan Jeet Kaur A/P Karam Singh
Dr Sharifa Shahreen Bt Syed Sultan Ahmed
Dr Sharifuddin M Zain
Dr Siti Aniza Basir
Dr Siti Zariah Jali
Dr Suresh Mahendra
Dr Suriaty Abdull Rauf
Dr Swesh Kaur
Dr Syed Alif Fikri bin Syed Amerruddin
Dr Tay Ju Lee
Dr Vatsala Devi Nagalingam
Dr Vijaendreh Subramaniam
Dr Wan Rosiah Ab Rashid
Dr Yee Teck Ji
Dr Zarihah Mohd Zain
Dr Zawawi Abdullah
Dr Zazali Othman
Dr Zulkafperi Bin Hanapi (Dato )
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