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Proex, the Leading Multi-Contract Exchange, Secures MSB Licensing Across the U.S. and Canada
2022年7月19日 GMT+8 下午7:52
Proex, the Leading Multi-Contract Exchange, Secures MSB Licensing Across the
U.S. and Canada

NEW YORK, NY, July 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- During the first quarter of
2020, ProEx, the leading multi-contract exchange, launched with the vision of
offering seamless crypto trading solutions and services to users specific to
the South East Asian region. With time, the exchange recorded phenomenal
growth, securing Money Service Business operators licensing from the United
States and Canada. With the licensing, ProEx now has the potential to rival
the traditional crypto trading platforms and banking system by providing
features to help crypto traders of all regions to perform all their activities
and needs on the platform.

Since the development of blockchain-based digital assets and cryptocurrencies,
the crypto industry has been marketed as an alternative to replacing the
existing financial system in the future. However, to access such products,
traders can only allocate capital in cryptocurrencies through decentralized
and centralized exchanges that offer secure marketplaces for trading and
exchanging digital assets. Unfortunately, most regional exchanges, in
particular, lack proper security protocols, legal compliances, and auditing.

ProEx facilitates its users by ensuring security and safety, high liquidity,
convenience of use, and superior benefits when compared with the current
crypto exchanges while also ensuring maximum trading products and services for
portfolio diversification that includes but is not limited to Spot Trading,
Futures Trading, ETF Leverage trading, and Contract Trading. The exchange
further ensures seamless crypto trading through maximum throughput, no
transactional delays, and multi-app support.

The CEO and Director of ProEx, Mr. Allan Zhang, said: “We are excited to share
with our community that ProEX has obtained the MSB (Money Services Business)
license in the United States and Canada. United States MSB license is strictly
audited and issued by The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), a
bureau of the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Our registration numbers are:

USA MSB Registration number: 31000167334309

Canada MSB Registration number: M20105184

“With this achievement, ProEX is committed to launching more innovative
derivative products and services to create a better trading environment for
its customers while also having the potential to expand its outreach across
the globe.” continued Mr. Allan Zhang.

He further said, “our objective with the ProEx platform is to make it easier
for both old and new crypto inventors to explore the market in a safe
environment. ProEx will work towards releasing the true power of digital
finance by creating a blockchain-based ecosystem where digital assets can

The CTO, said, “The team at E.Z. Exchange has gone through this trial by fire
and has experienced the difficulties and stresses of navigating through
different exchanges and trading cryptocurrencies. While we managed to develop
a multi-contract trading platform, expansion to new regions was crucial for us
to develop further. For that, with the U.S. and Canada MSB registration, we’ve
designed, and are building, the best cryptocurrency exchange in the world by
explicitly identifying and addressing the issues beleaguering the current
cryptocurrency trading environment. Our unique and innovative solutions put
traders first, ensuring that users never again deal with a substandard
customer or user experience when trading cryptocurrency and that I believe
will help us become the leading multi-contract exchange of the world.”

The leadership team at ProEx consists of experts from various fields with
AAA-rated KYC and AML/APG (Asia/Pacific Group on Money Laundering). The
management system has over 20 years of experience in the banking sector HSBC
and Standard Chartered SCB. The exchange platform has an existing user base of
over 500,000 active traders. It’s a trusted brand that sets industry standards
regarding security and compliance.

About ProEx

ProEx is the world’s leading multi-contract trading platform serving crypto
users since 2020. That is committed to offering innovative trading products
and services for a better trading environment. It gives users a variety of
crypto products and solutions, including but not limited to derivatives, spot
trading, futures, leveraged ETFs, and contract trading.

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Company: ProEx

Contact: Julette Lee

Email: [email protected]


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ProEX is committed to launching more original derivative products and services to creating a better trading environment like providing services in Chinese, English, and Vietnamese.

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